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Photography is a passion to me. It is a tool to create and at the same time come closer to whatever you work on capturing. To me it is usually about nature. Mountains, seascapes, weather conditions, wildlife and so on is all around us, and i believe, often taken for granted. Our surroundings are part of our own nature and important to care for. Photography is one way to raise awareness about this.

I aim to share what I have learned about photography over the course of more than 30 years with cameras in my arms. It has ben a hobby, at times my profession and more than anything a passion and a state of mind. Being in the "zone" only focusing on the here and now, the camera and what I intend to capture is a way of meditating to me. By inviting others to learn some of what I have learned I hope others can find their way, and to create what they want. Follow along!

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