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My passion for photography is rooted in the art of capturing moments and telling stories. A well-composed frame or an intriguingly lit scene resonates within me, much like music, luthiery, philosophy, science, and other creative processes I hold dear. It's an integral part of who I am.

My evolution as a photographer has been shaped with time, and I feel like I have gradually gained a deeper understanding the art form. My focus has shifted from simply creating aesthetically pleasing images to a more meaningful connection with my surroundings. The process and the experience has become more important, and photography has proved itself as a form of meditation for me.

At the heart of my art is the beauty, force, and complexity of nature. I firmly believe that we humans are deeply connected to our environment, and that many of the public health issues dominating today are accelerated by our rapid disconnection from our genetic preferences. Nature has the power to ground us, to remind us of our roots and provide a much-needed reset for our minds. Through my artwork, I aim to raise awareness about our relationship with the natural world and the crucial importance of preserving our planet for future generations. With each captured frame, I am able to delve into the essence of nature the way I see it, and hopefully create art that make others reflect on the inherent, and unreplaceable value of our natural surroundings. If my art can inspire or motivate others to consciously engage with nature, to breathe, hear, see, feel, and seek the true essence of the natural world, I have succeeded. 


Recently, I have embraced the world of NFT photography to reach a wider audience and bring my visions to life. Each NFT serves as a window into the connection I have with my photos, providing not only the GPS location but also a virtual ticket to learn about the photographic process, and even to experience the art scene together with me. Hence, my NFT´s are not just about the image, instead it is more of a portal to get closer to the nature it represents.

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